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At VanGO, we strive at every turn to redefine the notion of what our clients will get from the trip. VanGO alone lets people discover Antarctica through the eyes of an ice breaker captain or an expedition leader, and introduces them into the local research station, through an exclusive meeting with a local scientist. Our approach is to provide the authentic information and original culture to our clients.

Through VanGO platform for the first-class traveling service providers, our clients can get updated travel information and quality consulting service. VanGO has closely worked with handpicked experts and quality service providers worldwide. We invite the expertise in luxury travel, culture, history, wildlife and adventure, to present directly to our clients, stimulating and strengthening their desire for embracing the whole world.

VanGO is initiative at bridging international culture worldwide and leading an innovative model in tourism industry. We are working in creation of enriching travel experiences that enhance people’s lives by broadening their knowledge and fulfilling their dreams.

Website promotion: Promote hot programs for our local service providers, we helped the language translation and the website design. We will add our partners’ page into our website.
Printed promotion:Including brochure, magazine, flag, etc.
Speech and Salon:VanGO will invite expertise of our partners to present their program directly to our VIP clients.
Weekly MMS:VanGO News Center sends multimedia messages directly to clients’ mobile. You can let your target market know the hot programs at the first time.

Exhibition:VanGO has professional exhibition staff who will attend travel trade shows on behalf of its partners.
Professional Analysis:VanGO has travel market report for our partners and let them know how to adjust their products and service to Chinese high-end people.
One-to-One Service: Each VanGO communication officer will keep contact with our partners in a weekly basis, reporting the orders and clients’ requests.
Networking Promotion:Through VanGO resourceful media channels, our other partners all around the world will get to know each other.

Thank you for your interests in VanGO Trip! We continually engage in discovering the pure essence of travel for our clienteles – creating extraordinary moments and life experience to embrace the authentic culture worldwide. VanGO consistently goes above and beyond operating a tradition trip. We focus on spiritual growing and heart strengthening while making your travel experience unique and unforgettable.

By creating these extraordinary moments and unique trips, VanGO design different rhythm and hues of each trip – mixing the trip essences such as stimulating, fatigue, history, culture, modern, luxury etc. into a colorful rhythm curve. VanGO is known as Rhythm Bravo in Chinese: we cheer and applaud for the rhythm of the trip. VanGOees are not only trip planners, but life experience designers, culture sowers. VanGO provides you a chance to step inside different cultures and light the passion for life. Our enticing selection of tempting escapes (our exciting programs) for you, for all people who love travel!

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